Writing Portfolio.

Lifestyle & Relationships:

How to Love an American Man (MariaShriver.com, November 2011)

5 Reasons to Love American Men (YourTango.com, July 2011)

Robert Pattinson's Handwriting Analyzed by Top National Expert Michelle Dresbold (LimeLife.com, July 2010)

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Social Networks as Psychological Substitute for Cyberporn (Geek Monthly, May 2009)

Modern-day slavery three-part series (BustedHalo.com, March & April 2009)

Food & Travel:

Grilled Dinner, Italian Style (Relish, May 2009)

Good Fridays (Relish, February 2009)

Make Merry with Mulled Wine (Relish, December 2008)

Aperitivo!  Italian Happy Hour at Home (Better Homes & Gardens Special Publication, Fall 2008)

Running the Red Carpet in Milan, Italy (RunningTimes.com, September 2007)

Losing Weight in the Land of Pasta:  An American In Italy (BeautyNewsNYC.com, July 2007)