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How to Love an American Man is fresh, funny, and original. Kristine Gasbarre has written a love story without borders. Dive in and enjoy!” -Adriana Trigiani,

New York Times bestselling author

“Sweet, respectful of traditions and manners mostly lost today." - Library Journal
"Gasbarre’s reflections should resonate with many readers…including those who enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love." - ALA’s Booklist
“The author’s treatment of the central conflict that drives the book—the quintessentially modern female quandary of finding lasting love while staying true to personal ambitions—comes across with an integrity and veracity women readers will undoubtedly appreciate. Chick-lit-alicious.” - Kirkus Reviews     
“Gasbarre writes with style, grace and plenty of humor, maintaining a perfect balance. Hers is a genuine quest. Up close and personal, here is a bright light on the road to love.” - Alphie McCourt

“A beautifully written, heartfelt gem. Disguised as a romance, it is actually a story of familial bonds, personal growth and faith.” 

                               - Lisa Oz, New York Times bestselling author and Sirius/XM Oprah Radio host

“Courageous … fascinating … unforgettable.”

                                                                        -Publishers Weekly 


                                                                        - People Magazine  

“Riveting reading from start to finish.

-       Kirkus Reviews           

“As this book explains, there is a difference between the superficial experience of tourism and that of the traveller. Immersing oneself in a culture different to one’s own is closer to the ancient practice of pilgrimage—respectful, nourishing and life-changing.” - Sting & Trudie Styler
“[Mr. Kent] tells a good story, and this book is all about stories.” – Wall Street Journal
“Traveling not only takes you to cities and countries you’ve never seen before, it takes you to places within yourself that you didn’t know existed. That’s a grand adventure reflected in these stories.” - Reality TV producer Mark Burnett and Roma Downey

“Sensitively handled and written in breezy prose that doesn’t linger too long on the expository details of their ordeal, the author sets a fine example for other parents either imagining or personally experiencing a similar situation … [T]he Whittingtons have truly afforded their son the opportunity to ‘grow up with the chance to cultivate the same self-love and confidence to which every child has the right when he or she is born.’

An uplifting testimonial to the power of unconditional familial love and acceptance.” - Kirkus Reviews 

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